How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of Job 7

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You look me in the eye, in his sunken dark eyes. You look at me in eyes, I’m telling you, and I would not lie to you. This is intense isn’t it? He is getting right down to what is so troublesome about their interaction. Is there any injustice on my tongue? Cannot my pallet discern the cause of my calamity? Do you think if I had some serious sin, that justified all of this, wouldn’t I be the one to know it?

So, that is his rebuke. Now we get into the fourth and final section of Job’s response. It’s the seventh chapter, which I have just labeled as reflection. As if he begins to talk outload and talk to himself and he reflects upon two major things. The first six verses, he reflects upon life in general and its hardness and difficulty. …show more content…

In Job seven, verses one through six, the Bible says, Job is now reflecting, has not man a hard service on Earth? You will find a different rendition in the ASV, which you will at times here, because some of these words are exceedingly rare in the Old Testament and hard to translate, but we get the just and the parallel lines really help us to see the meaning. That is a series now of thoughts that all revolve around, life is hard, especially …show more content…

People need hope when we begin to fell hopeless and defeated, then we begin to erode from within and digress spiritually. We must maintain our hope. No.2, men and women, Christian people need strong faith. What is faith? Faith is, believing in God and believing who he is and what he has said, believing in the nature of God, in reality, not in fiction. You see, this is one of Job’s problems; his faith had some holes it along the way. He had a good foundation of faith, but there were some problems and it made things irreconcilable.

One of the things that we learn from the full complement of all of the revelation of God’s word is that God does not treat us adversarially, as we are his children. He may permit us to experience suffering and hardship in this life. But, those things are not indications, in and of themselves, of God’s displeasure and that’s all that Job could see. But, we can have a strong faith; we can have a more informed faith to know that that is not a necessary imprint. That we don’t have to look at bad things in our life and say oh, God must be displeased with me, that is not necessarily true.

God love us. Case and point, look at Jesus. Did Jesus ever have any hardship; did he ever have any suffering? And why, because God loves you and he sent his son to die for you and pay the price for your sins. Remember that. We need that foundation of faith. We need the real answers to God questions to hold onto when the storms

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