How To Write A Short Story Of The Rise And Fall Of Armenian

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The barren landscape stretched as far as eyes could see.

Xiao Jingyan, Prince Jing of the Liang Empire, pulled his horse into a standstill and the soldiers behind him stopped moving in unison. The last time he rode out like this, he led twenty thousand men into a victory against thirty thousand. This time, he was visiting the capital of the Hua Kingdom to stay for an undetermined amount of time as a privileged guest of honor, an appellation prescribed by the newly established peace treaty between Hua and Liang.

Politicians had invented such a pretty way to say hostage.

"Thank you for your hard work," Jingyan told his men. All twenty of his men and their captain, Lie Zhanying, dismounted and knelt, each one offering a personal farewell. Most bid him a good stay and a few braver …show more content…

The clothing was similar, but Hua people had a preference for bright colors. Even the poorest peasants, who dressed in faded cotton tunics, had a strip of bright cloth tied to their hair, body or clothes.

Jingyan saw several types of vegetables and fruits he'd never seen before displayed on the streets and noticed that there was a heavy abundance of vegetation that grew well in wet regions. Many roofs were covered with a type of straw that repelled water – the region was one with a lot of snow and rain. Distantly, Jingyan remembered reading that the torrential rains in Hua were like an entire oceans pouring from the sky.

"A festival is being held in Hall of Summer to celebrate your arrival," Banrou told him as the front gates of the palace opened before them. The gates of the palace was less impressive than the fort around the city and it was guarded by a pair of dragon rather than lion. "All the best dancers are performing and the best wines will be served. His Imperial Highness wishes to extend to you the warmest welcomes after your long journey."

“I will be sure to thank His Grace,” said

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