How Virtual Reality Will Change Physical Therapy Forever

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Imagination is abysmal (abyss abysmal, not Donald Trump twitter rant abysmal); it uses a wide spectrum of creativity. It takes you on perfect journeys that have never happened and never will (until virtual reality catches up). Virtual reality is something that many people love. Its ability to immerse someone into another world is unfathomable and is useful in many fields other than gaming. The medical profession is something that could always be improving, and I believe that virtual reality is the key to bring the medical field to a new level. Virtual reality has potential to help education and training, medical prototyping, rehabilitation and physical therapy, treatment of psychiatric disorders, and pain management.

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It is also a step the can be easily brushed aside without another thought, leading to further injury. In the article “How Virtual Reality Will Change Physical Therapy Forever” it discusses the benefits of using virtual reality.

“Alongside this, the immersive environment works to enable the learning of the movement strategies, while simultaneously helping the patient unlearn the counterproductive older movement strategies. In doing so, and by focusing the patient's attention to the effects of their movements within their external focus, the patient comes closer to recovery” (Agrawal).

Not only does virtual reality help in this way, but it also allows the physical therapy to move past physical confinements and work on their cognitive abilities at the same time. The article also mentions that it will “enable patients to have fun while stretching and strengthening their physical capacities” (Agrawal). Many people will skip their therapy for different reasons: their therapy isn’t needed, it will be painful, or they can’t do it at home. Virtual reality addresses these issues of avoiding rehabilitation and encourages them to go through with physical
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