Essay about How Wind Turbine Improved the World

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Windmills are incredible creations that have its importance in our history. Early pioneers utilized windmills for pumping water out of the ground and provide the water for their cattle's over a century. Throughout the years, diverse outlines and varieties were made to make the windmill run more effectively. In spite of the fact that there have been many plans made, a large portion of the windmill parts still remained unaltered.
Now-a-days the handling of “Electricity” has been increased rapidly. Due to this the “Fossil Fuels” are getting extinguished day-to-day. So we need to choose for an alternate source of energy that is Renewable Source. Among the Renewable Sources “Wind Energy” is one of them. …show more content…

Rotors are placed in the blades and in the hub. The main function of rotor is to convert wind energy into rotation. “Lift” principle is used in the rotor blades. The two forces over pressure which is produced by wind at the bottom of the wind blade and vacuum at the top o f the wind blade makes the rotor to rotate.
• YAW DRIVE: The main function of yaw drive is to move rotor according to the direction of the wind, otherwise a yaw error is produced which results in less utilization of wind.
• YAW MOTOR: Its function is to power the yaw drive.
• CONTROLLER: Controller is a sub-system which acts as a watch-dog in the sense it controls various parts of the turbine. It automatically stops working of the turbine if any faults occur and information is passed to operator’s computer.
• TOWER: Tower height is mandatory in producing more electricity. Wind capturing capability of the turbine increases as the tower height increases. As the tower height

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