How Would You Like It If You Were Continuously Told What

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How would you like it if you were continuously told what to do ever since you were a little kid and you were bullied and made fun of because of something you like doing and are passionate about while growing up? It wouldn’t be pleasant, would it? Even getting older and becoming an adult and it’s still happening, it’s not nice, is it? How would you like it if you were earning 20% less than men for the exact same job? Good morning Ms Lewis and students, today I’ll be talking to you about how there are numerous causes for the countless components that are accountable for the upsurge of gender stereotyping in today’s society. Some of these issues are things like advertising based around kids and adults and the pay gap between genders. These…show more content…
This is mainly because those ads have an audience, predominantly children because they are important demographic for advertisers. Did you know adolescents are watching approximately 20 hours of television a week and roughly 9 hours a day on their smartphone device? When they are targeted by strategic advertisements for that long, it has a significant impact on their views and opinions. Am I the only one who thinks these averages are extremely high for such a young age group? I mean, that is the age when we are most impressionable and vulnerable. When you see a commercial on television advertising children’s toys I’m 100% certain you’re repetitively going to see young female adolescents playing dress ups, nursing dolls, or cleaning a house with a pink cleaning set and boys playing with blue and green trucks, action figures, playing computer games or sport etc. why is this so categorised? These ads operate on old stereotypes and cultural norms and manipulate the viewer’s beliefs. In fact, boys and girls are encouraged and praised if they pick on or bully a boy that plays with dolls instead of action figures or a girl that plays computer games instead of dress ups. What about the girls that want to play with trucks and action figures? Or the boys that want to play dress ups and dolls? Do they not have a say? Are they cared about? Society tells them they’re not allowed to play with them and that it’s not the norm or that it is

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