How Writing Is An Important Person Or Author?

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I know that writing takes a lot of time to organize and you just don’t get it overnight, no matter how many hours you practice. It take a lot of skills to become good as someone who writes a novel, that’s why you need an important person or author that you like who can help you become a better writer. The grade I think I deserve in this class is a B- because I know I don’t do a lot of participating, my work take a lot of skills to read because nobody have ever taught me to write and I feel my writing is getting better I just need a little push, and I have turned in all my work.

Stephen King brought up in his book, even though you got good writing, your grammar and stuff have to be as important to you. Grammar and spelling check is very important because it is what brings your paper together. Things that made me understand writing was when he talked about the toolbox and how everything has its on meaning. In the toolbox he talked about there is a bottom and a top. The bottom was for element of style that you have and the top was for grammar and vocabulary. That made me think of what should be important when I 'm writing something.

Me doing all these responses for In Brief and On Writing have helped me understand the quality of writing and how to make your writing better. In, In Brief I learn that there are so many stories in just one story and everything have his own physical meaning like in Good Workers written by John T. Price it was a piece from a novel called

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