How is I Bill Made Into a Law? Essay example

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The basic idea for a law can originate from an array of places ranging from a concerned citizen to the President. In order for a bill to become a law it must begin in either the House or the Senate and can only be introduced by a member of Congress (Schwalbe, 2014). In order for a bill to have a chance at becoming a law it must go through various different stages which include committee consideration, floor debate(by House and Senate), conference committees, and then if both houses pass the bill it is then sent to the president to either be signed and become a law or vetoed. When the president gets the bill he actually has up to five options on what to do with it. (Schwalbe, 2014). He can pass it as a law by both dating and signing it …show more content…

Another example of how bills and laws work is shown with the Student Loan Fairness Act of 2013(H.R. 1330). Authored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and sponsored by Representative Karen Bass (CA-37), if this bill is signed into a law it would dramatically lower the interest rates on federal student loans (Kingkade, 2013). Warren’s plan is to have the percentage rate on government issued student loans lower from 6.8 percent to .75 percent (Kingkade, 2013). When looking at the details of H.R. 1330, you can see the timeline of events that has happened since the bill was introduced in 2013. The details show that Hon. Karen Bass introduced the bill to the House Education and the Workforce, House Financial Services, House Ways and Means, and then the bill was referred to the subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training. (Committee Action, Schwalbe, 2014). As of April 2013, the bill has gained up to 51 different cosponsors however it is still under review by committee and awaiting further action or until the committees are ready to send it to the floor for debate. If this bill did become a law it would help college students with the debt they incur while obtaining higher education. Some people say that bills take too long to pass and looking at H.R. 1330 one can see why most Americans feel this way. (No action since April 2013) The wait time and the

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