How the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights Came to Past

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The English Colonies was a hard place to live in with the Sugar Act, the Stamp act, and the monarchy trying to rule our every move . England was trying to pay for all their previous debts in other wars and took it out on the colonist. The English Colonies decided to revolt against England and won their independence, this war was known as the American Revolution. The United States was starting to look like a place where people would want to live, because there was no monarchy and a government that all white men can vote on. After the United States established independence the government ruled under the Articles of Confederation, and this was better than being ruled by England but was not what everyone thought it would be. Then after work and thought by the country leaders we now live under the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. There have been had rough times for the people of the United States and still is more to come. Right after the American Revolution there was some post war debt that effected most of the population in the United States, especially poor artisans and subsistence farmers . It was really rough at first for families to make it and not lose their houses, business, and farms to foreclosure. Financier Robert Morris took global perspective and opened a new trade route to the orient. The Empress of China sailed to Canton, China’s foreign commerce, and made a profit of $20,000 on the items they sold to China. After the return of Empress of China
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