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HR in the 21st century
As the business world journeyed into the 21st century, the traditional ways of handling many business aspects slowly drifted away. This “turn-of-the-century” brought a whole new way of how businesses operate and the departments within. These new ways of the business include the prominence of technology, the ongoing fight for diversity in the workplace, and expansion on globalization. Because these changes also effect the employees within the workplace, this has forced the field of human resource management to change rapidly.
Methodology: HR Management in the 21st Century: What’s Ahead? Objective: This paper examines the rapid change in Human Resource Management throughout the 21st century. Human …show more content…

Before posting jobs online, HR teams relied on posting and seeking new employees through newspapers and other kinds of written publications. Since technology has evolved, employers are now using outlets such as social media, online job publications, i.e.,, etc., and company websites to recruit. Dr. Richard D. Johnson (2011) writer of Transforming HR through Technology, states that: “Almost all firms now provide universal access to HR services through technology and web-based applications, dramatically changing the practice of human resource management.” (Johnson, 2011). These new technologies have also cut costs and are more efficient to use. A company is able to access possible candidate’s resumes, cover letters, contact information, and more through online publications and social media cites. This in turn saves money on using traditional form of recruiting such as search firms, temp agencies, and advertising methods. Human Resource departments are usually the holders of sensitive employee information at any company. This sensitive information includes social security numbers, health-related information, legal issues, etc. With technology being more prominent in the Human Resources department, this confidential information is readily accessed in computer systems. Because of the easily accessible documents, HR tries to be as safe and protected as possible when handling employee information with password protection databases

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