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Individual assignment Student: Nguyen Anh Vu Class: EMBA10A Subject: Human Resource Management in Honda Vietnam – Planning and Job design 1. Honda HR planning Human resource planning uses data from the analysis of labor supply and demand to forecast the shortages and surpluses of labor force. In order to build an effective human resource planning, “the organization needs to identify the appropriate goals” and “formulate and implement a planning process gathered”. A model overview the whole planning process has been developed: Figure 1: Overview of human resource planning process (De Cieri, Kramar) At Honda Vietnam (HVN), the manpower plan is often made twice per year. It is one integral part of business & HR strategy. In…show more content…
The below table will be showed as evidence in Manpower plan of Honda Automobile in the year of 2010 Graphic 1: HR plan – confidential document provided by Ms. Nhung – Sales & Marketing Manager Each department will review & assess competency for each level to meet the goals & objective of the organization, estimating the number of manpower needed for each section or role and making adjustment as needed in the action plan time. Actually, this process does take a lot of experience & understanding of the specific business in sales & marketing but experienced managers should be able to make good assessments. In the case that new manager or manager is new to automotive industry like in 2006; a good benchmark would be comparing the number of manpower needed in similar department in Motor-cycle. HR plan are not in line with business strategy often: * Breakdowns in the process flows which jeopardize relationships with clients, customers, missed deadline, increase returns, decrease customer loyalty and also regular administration mistakes * Employees’ absenteeism & turnover since employees being overstressed, over workload, having poor morale…overworking employees can lead to burnouts & increased costs in the long run. 2. Job design & evaluation HR plan at Honda Vietnam is very focused in business & HR strategy. After accomplishing HR plan and this plan is approved by
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