STR 581, Week 4 Paper

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Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans
STR 581
Victor Rayneri

Executive Summary
Ingalls Shipbuilding does not have a strong stable future if current projections and no strategies are developed for the near future. According to the US Navy, over the next five years 10 units are in the budget for Ingalls’ market share and Bath Iron Works will certainly fabricate a portion of those products (“Navy Force Structure and Shipbuilding Plan,” 2014). Therefore, a strong strategy is required and implementation of the strategy is the only hope for Ingalls Shipbuilding to remain in business for another 75 years. Below is an implementation plan to be executed within the next year. The execution team is diverse
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Therefore, one or two years may pass before the workforce could function to a degree of confidence to execute the work. Maintaining the workforce is expensive and at times seen as unnecessary. This functional requirement is critical for market entry of new product lines.
Action Items
Ingalls Shipbuilding understands the objectives and functional requirements. However, the action items, time, and cost to execute become a new challenge. The below action items are recommended to implement the strategy and minimize risk.
Resource Commitment: Ingalls must commit the resource to customer shaping, training, and employee retention.
Employee Benefits: The Company should consider and perform a cost benefit analysis for offering better benefits for employees.
Communication: Leaders and executive must gain employee trust and confidence and communicate the execution strategy and share the expected results.
Cost Analysis: Finance will develop an investment plan spread over the projected timeline and secure capital investment to fund the plan.
Milestones and Deadlines
Estimated Completion Date (ECD)
Customer Shaping
October 2014
Revised Employee Benefit Offers
December 2014
Communication Plan Final
June 2014
Cost Analysis Complete
July 2014
Capital Investment Approved
August 2014
Facility Upgrade Begins
October 2014
New Product Lines Captured
January 2015

Tasks and Task Ownership
Customer Shaping: Business
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