Project Management Competency And Certification At Hp

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As one of the largest global information technology (IT) company in the United States, Hewlett-Packard (HP) produces numerous of hardware and develops many software. Not only concentrated in hardware and software manufacturing and developments, external IT consulting is one of the highlighted services which is provided HP’s Services division. In order to increase competitive advantages, Ron Kempf, the direct of project management competency and certification at HP, brings together the firm’s various stakeholders to conduct a needs assessment to determine what type of training would be needed. 2,500 client-focused project managers and support staff around the world are the candidates in the needs assessment. Based on cost-benefits analysis, ESI International is chosen to conduct the needs assessment with the designation of “project management professional” (Lepak & Gowan, 2010).
Needs Assessment for project Management Staff According to Lepak & Gowan (2010), needs assessment identifies the gaps that exist between what employees should be doing and what they are actually doing, and it can narrow and fill these gaps based on supporting company’s strategic goals and adding values to the company. In Lepak & Gowan (2010), three analyses should be carried out step by step to locate the gaps among the company’s management structure from top to bottom: (1) organization analysis: determines a company’s progress toward achieving its goals and objectives; (2) task analysis: identifies

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