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Assignment 1– Organizational Culture at Wal-Mart Casandra Reynolds Dr. Tonya D. Moore HRM 534 Employee and Labor Relations July 25, 2013 Explain How Viable Employee Relations Practices Have Contributed to Wal-Mart’s Success as an Employer. Wal-Mart is one of the largest retailers and employers in the world. It currently has over 2 million employees ( This is mainly due to the tenets Sam Walton introduced to the company. Associates of Wal-Mart focus on respect for the customer as well as respect for the employee. There are three values that associates live by which retains employees and grows Wal-Mart’s business: * Service to customers * Respect for the individuals * Striving for…show more content…
The receive coverage for preventative healthcare, low cost pharmacy benefits with minimal co-pays. Wal-Mart is known for selling products that are competitively priced or low cost. Employees have the advantage of a 10% employee discount on already reduced pricing. Employees can save for retirement with a generous match of 6% that is vitally important in today’s economy. Wal-Mart’s benefits assist employees with meeting their life needs and maintenance of their well-being. This demonstrates Wal-Mart’s largesse in the benefit area serves to entice as well as retain employees within the corporation. Its large discount program combined with health and financial benefits ensures Wal-Mart’s employment practices remain successful. Describe How the Organizational Culture and the Use of Performance Criteria Could Affect the Introduction of a Union. Unions are formed due to conceived lack of power, communication, poor working conditions or lack of compensation (Holley 2012 p. 328). Unionization was born during the Industrial Revolution when factory work increased and workers subjected to poor working conditions, long hours and poor pay joined together to negotiate better working conditions or pay increases. Currently, organizations are aware of what is necessary in the workplace to enhance working conditions and increase employee satisfaction. Wal-Mart’s culture focuses on respect, diversity and promoting from within. These values seek to increase job
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