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HRM Practices Introduction One of the biggest challenges that can adversely impact any organization is the lack of communication. This is because employees will feel alienated and it creates a culture of divisiveness with management. In the case of Phar Med International, the firm is facing considerable challenges between the US and French divisions. They are supposed to be collaborating with each other to improve their drug safety protocol. This is a data reporting system called Vigilance. The project began two years ago after PharmCo and ValMed agreed to merge. The problem is that the both organizations have a completely different management structures and culture. This is leading to conflicts among the French and American teams about how to move forward with the rollout of Vigilance. At the heart of these issues, is the fact that communication has broken down and the firm is facing considerable challenges in the improving coordination and collaboration. To address these issues requires examining their human resource management (i.e. HRM) practices. This will be accomplished by looking at how communication issues are creating these challenges. Together, these different elements will offer an effective evaluating of the firm’s policies and practices. How the Policies and Practices are influenced by Communication A major challenge all organizations will face is having effective communication. This is because there are numerous working parts that must coordinate with

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