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Introduction: HRM practices in Bangladesh are better than the past. In the past, HR role was concentrated to hiring firing and letter issuance-dispatching-filing stage. Now it has started to perform more than that. Such as Employee motivation, Employee development, employee retention, facilitating organizational development initiatives etc. and thus contributes to the achievement of organizational goals. These value added job has just begun in BD. For a good tomorrow,this is a starting point. The aim of this assignment is to connect practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. Now the world is a competitive world. So everybody has to be expert in both practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. As part of practical orientation…show more content…
* Manpower Planning: Human Resource Planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number & kinds of people, at the right place, at the right time, capable of effectively & efficiently completing those tasks that will help the organization achieve its overall objectives. * Recruitment: The objective of recruitment is to develop a group of qualified people. The process of recruitment in BSRM Group of Companies as follows: Recruitment Process: Step 1: Planning For vacant positions recruitment has to be conducted based on approved organizational structure/approved Personnel Requisition form. In case of a new position outside the approved structure Requisition Form need to be approved by the Managing Director. First step of the selection process is the standard Personnel Requisition Form needs to be filled up against any replacement/addition. The form facilitates as the following: * Defines the job title * Defined proposed job grade * Defined Replacement/Addition * Defined the mode of Employment * Defined the number of person required * Defines the requirements to performing the job Personnel Requisition Form needs to be filling up by the line manager’s & business/functional Heads. Once it is signed it will be sent to the HR department including JD’s & approved

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