Responsibility For The Oversight, Engagement, Integration, And Management Of All Risk Adjustment And Comprehensive Health Assessment

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OVERVIEW OF POSITION: Responsible for the oversight, engagement, integration, and management of all risk adjustment and comprehensive health assessment strategies and programs for HealthCare Partners. Serves an essential leadership role in guiding the clinical policies, practices, and programs of HealthCare Partners with final clinical accountability for the quality and appropriateness of clinical documentation and data integrity. Functions in a critical leadership role in transforming and aligning geographic market practices and the organization’s overall vision of a value-based, clinically integrated system that is committed to care delivery that is patient-centered, efficient, timely, effective, equitable and safe. ESSENTIAL…show more content…
□ Be the voice regarding importance of comprehensive health assessment, accurate clinical documentation and closing the quality gaps to improve patient experience and care. □ In partnership with physician leaders identify best practices and lift and scale practices in order to improve patient outcomes, strengthen performance while driving consistent process/tools across markets, both for employed and affiliated physician group models. □ Serve as national leadership champion for the integration of enterprise comprehensive health assessment programs and risk adjustment strategy. Lead design and implementation of projects designed to facilitate high quality patient care and complete and accurate clinical documentation. □ Collaborate with Physician Leaders and HealthCare Partners’ Executives; interact directly with Senior Leaders of various affiliated Medical Groups within the HealthCare Partners network. □ Provide leadership, administrative and management support, strategic planning and overall direction to the National Risk Adjustment and Comprehensive Health Assessment Program. Leverage and improve existing models and design new systems to identify gaps that would improve metrics and clinical documentation. □ Promote quality of care using and developing clinical analysis of performance as it relates to risk adjustment and quality data. Influence present model processes and design/implement new programs to improve clinical
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