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Description HTC is an engineering and manufacturing company, initially operating as an original device manufacturer for the PDA and smartphone markets. HTC made the decision to evolve into a branded company and experienced considerable growth. Scaling up to meet rising global demands has presented significant challenges for HTC. The leadership team is faced with aligning the firm’s global functions along with evaluating & executing a plan of attack in an intensely competitive technology-driven business climate. Evaluation Transforming from ODM to a branded firm: CEO Peter Chou recognized the imminent threats of new entrants to the ODM space and led HTC’s evolution to a branded firm. The change was deemed necessary for the company’s long …show more content…

Protocols must be established to ensure both accountability and adherence to the new reporting hierarchy. HTC has an immediate need to identify and clearly define the roles of its functional leaders.  Develop standardized operation procedures for issue resolution: Operations should implement SOPs to facilitate timely resolution of support issues. Process controls, tracking of issues and documenting resolutions will help reduce the duplication of effort across the organization.  Develop complementary products to the smartphone: Given the hypercompetitive landscape, innovate and develop new products that leverage the Android OS. This will create inter-compatibility between HTC’s products. HTC’s prior expertise in notebooks should assist their entry into the emerging tablets product category, which would complement their current product portfolio.  Increase expenditures in R&D: HTC’s specialized R&D unit, MAGIC Labs, is a small group tasked with new innovations, primarily in the burgeoning wireless industry. Engineering has long been a core competency, and heavy investment in MAGIC Labs should help build a competitive advantage, as the wireless business is still in its infancy stages. Potential innovations should concentrate on increasing HTC’s service offerings in the space as well as new products.  Leverage existing core competency in dealing with partners: The opportunity for capturing market share in the

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