Html And Http And Html Essay

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As two building blocks of the Internet, HTTP and HTML play significant roles both in the current world and also the history of the Internet. They all have distinctive functions but there is always certain connection between them and only when they cope with each other, they are able to operate properly. And they successfully enabled the Internet getting into a new era which created numerous profits to economy and the development of society. They are also two key elements underlines the WWW (World Wide Web). Hence this essay will mainly focus on the capabilities of both HTML and HTTP and discover how they are related to one another. Also, it will investigate the historical impact on the Internet from exerted by HTTP and HTML from different aspects.

HTML (HyperTex Markup Language) was originally released by Tim Berners­Lee and Robert Cailliau in May 1991 (Mowery and Simcoe, 2002). HTML is the language used to write and create a web page as it enabled authors to include multimedia documents such as sounds, pictures and videos in their web pages and it was a fulfilment of hypertext which allows people to include hypertexts in their documents. It enabled authors to link certain images or words to other documents and could directly led users to another web page. As a means to represent data on the page, HTML is the underlying system of Information management which not only defines what a web page looks like but also how it is broken into separate information segments. HTML page
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