Human Activity And Industrial Revolution

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The earth is just combination of uniqueness and also it is comprised of perfect mechanism. Every individual creation or place is in sync but it is weak and it can easily be destroyed as long as one part is extinct. In nowadays, there are only few lands remained untouched, however, one of them is Mongolian territory. Therefore, it has been truly becoming comfort and safe environment for wild animals and plants, especially for rare species. Although last few decades, all these creation of natures are close to extinct because they are threatened by deforestation. This human acts doesn’t follow Taylor’s 4 duties which we have to other living beings (Non-Maleficence, Non-Interference, Fidelity, Restitutive Justice). Thus if we won’t seriously pay attention of it, it is so close to bring us death. For many years, people extolled Mongolian beauty of nature, its vast wilderness and animals. Unfortunately, this beauty is being shattered by factors of human activity and industrial revolution. In other word is which led to “Deforestation.” Industrialization prevents humanity from personally being a part of the process of utilizing resources. It turns people led to lack of respect being paid to living beings. This geographical condition has been effecting on areas but never been appeared as worse as today. Concurrently, human activities increase deforestation such as desertification, mining company’s process, agricultural term and population density. 1. Taylor duty Non- Maleficence
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