Human Geography And Chimanda Ngozi Adichie

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Assigning this essay is not for the improvement of our writing skills, but as a way to expand our minds to the complexities of different people because by us choosing to take Human Geography, we’re learning not to believe what was told to us but what we discover. To believe one story is a habit of people due to the badgered points all to similar that forge a single “truth”, but as Chimanda Ngozi Adichie advocates, one story is not inchoately false but incomplete. Correlating to class, two of your goals for your students is learn beyond what has been presented, typically America’s issues, and to enforce the fact geography has many layers. By watching this talk, you’re warning us not become a person who only believes one side because it is not fair to the person or the people being put into one box and also that one place, one region, or one area must not be defined by one variable.…show more content…
Personally, I get judgment based of singular stories all the times, but one that has surfaced recently is my movement from an all-girls Catholic School. My transition has made some people assume, based off of first impression, I’m an extreme Catholic and believes every word the Bible states as law. That description of a girl so far from me is the caused by a single of a girl I don’t know but have never meet. Past first impressions, that assumption is debunked, but in how single stories effect people, I’m fortunate mine doesn’t follow me, not so much said for other people. My example is far from the stereotypes numerous individuals face nor as harsh, but it does demonstrate the effects of believing one
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