Human History Literacy Rates Have Continued

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Human history literacy rates have continued to hike. Children now attend school than at any other point in history. Although nations have made immense progress, many are still far from reaching the universal goals of education. The importance of early education cannot be emphasized enough. As famous scholars had noted in human history, education is the precondition for success and unconstrained prospects. Educated citizens are the foundation for a nation’s sustainable economic and social development (Park 23). According to a study done by UNESCO and World Bank, currently there are over 400 million children at the elementary level who are not attending school. Even the rest of the millions who are attending schools are not being prepared adequately for life after school. Solving these problems ought to be the utmost goal for any nation. As a parent, one cannot fail to see how important education is for a child. As a politician, one recognizes the importance of having a government with highly equipped labor force. Transforming education, however is not an easy task bearing in mind that there are challenges everywhere from the shortage of teachers, resources and use of inadequate curricula. It is therefore imperative that nations rise and act consequently before they expose another generation to the same problems (Awa & Plaumann 101). This paper shall carefully examine early childhood education and the effectiveness of the universal interventions made globally.
There have been…
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