Human Resource Evaluation in Hotel Units

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Human resource evaluation in hotel units By George Aspiridis and Dimitrios Kyriakou Section A The role of the human resources has increased exponentially throughout the past recent decades, during which time the employees have transformed from the force operating the machines into the most valuable organizational asset. In a contemporaneous business climate that is competitive and dynamic, economic agents have to devise a wide array of competitive advantages and strategic efforts to preserve their competitive position, and one effort in this sense is represented by the development and appraisal of the staff members. And the role of the human resource is even more so important within the hospitality industry, where the satisfaction of the customers is directly linked to the satisfaction and performances of the staff members. Furthermore, the assessment of the hospitality industry's approach to its staff members is most relevantly conducted in the case of a highly popular tourist destination, this time, Greece. Section B 1. An initial look A first look at the article by George Aspridis and Dimitrios Kyriakou reveals the interest of the two authors in human resource management, with emphasis on HRM within hotels and the means in which these institutions evaluate and develop their employees. The two authors also mention their desire to assess the issue of human resource appraisal and development in hotels at both theoretical as well as practical level. At the
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