Human Resource Management : Influence Of Organization Culture

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Human Resource Management

Influence of organization culture

Manjot Singh

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Potential influence of Organization’s Culture on the ability of organizations to obtain positive HRM outcomes
This essay presents theoretical information related to organizational culture and discusses the potential influence an organization’s culture has on the ability of organizations to obtain positive HRM outcomes in the area of employee motivation and engagement and make suggestions on how such outcomes may be potentially improved. Real word application will be included in this essay as well as the role of HRM in developing an effective organizational culture.
Organization culture is a system of mutual assumptions, values and beliefs that controls how people are treated in an organization. The values which are shared have powerful impression and influence on the people of organization and provide order, for example, how to dress properly, how to act and perform their duties. Most organizations develop and maintain a special kind of culture. This provides information about rules and regulations as well as restriction of their behaviour (McLaughlin, 2013). Even Organizational culture has such a great impact from last few decades in the better understanding and practice of organizational behaviour. Every organization knows from its culture which depends on its strength and it can also have a

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