Work Place Observation and Culture

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Workplace Observation a look at Organizational Culture Every organization, whether being a construction agency, a retail store, a manufacturing plant or a government agency has its own unique culture. Organizational culture is the collection of shared values, beliefs, rituals, stories and myths that foster a feeling of community among organizational members. The culture of an organization is in most cases, the reflection if the deeply held values and behaviors of a small group of individuals. In a large organization the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other executives will shape the culture. In a small company, the culture may flow from the values held by the founder. A Growing number of organizations are creating vision statements…show more content…
First impressions are everything. Bank of America expects associates to be courteous, professional and knowledgeable to their clients. Have a dress code and enforcing it makes their associates act, look and feel more professional in the workplace even in a call center. Throughout different banking locations and business buildings, Bank of America displays the history of the company with pictures, timelines and stories of how the company evolved and progress into what it is today. The displays also show the different non-profit organization and employee events sponsored by the bank. This provides background for associates and clients to learn more about the company and its dedication to the clients, associates and shareholders. Sunset Parking Services Sunset Parking Services (SPS) is a full service parking Management Company located in San Diego. SPS is broken down into different parking divisions. These divisions include special event parking, Parking lot management, and valet services. We will use the valet division as an example of how communication works within SPS. Starting at the bottom, an account manager (restaurant location) has a team of valets he or she is in control of. An account manager then communicates any information with a district manager who usually looks over seven to eight accounts. The next manager in communication is the
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