Human Resource Training Strategies Influence The Development Of New Technologies Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Fundamental advancements in the world’s economy and the development of new technologies combined with companies’ and new small businesses’ diversity has led small-sized establishments to view employee training as a necessary business strategy to maintain high productivity, reduce employee turnover and increase the business’ average workforce skill levels and to prepare personnel for personal and professional growth and advancement. An increasing number of pragmatic studies have centered in on the importance of human resources in a business establishment and have constantly related business sizes to employee training in general. One of these studies by Gardenhire & Velarde (2010) based on data from the US Division of Labor (California) examines the relationship between a firm’s size and how its human resource training strategies influence the business’ human resource practices, technology, innovation and the quality of skilled workforce. This report further delves into the intensity and incidence of employee training across different business sizes and shows that a business’ major decisions and growth is directly related to the management’s decision on whether to offer training to their employees or not (Sabine & Champion, 2011). Finally the report will review journal reports and establish the core steps that Human Resource Management professionals specializing in small businesses will find it necessary to establish the importance of employee profile and
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