Human Resources Manual

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Felwick Gifts Human Resources Manual
Brian Chadwick
Rasmussen College

Introduction to Human Resource Management
Jason Meldrum
Table of Contents About Us 3 Sexual Harassment 4 Job Training 5 Pay Wages and Compensation 7 Privacy Concerns 9

About Us
Welcome to Felwick Gifts, we began operations in a quaint, small town of Hastings, Minnesota during 2006. Felwick Gifts was created by Brian Chadwick, Jennifer Ostergren-Chadwick and Tom Felix. We offer figurines, DVD’s, fountains, tools, knick-knacks and collectables such as swords, dolls, collector plates and many more. Recycling is an important part of our organization and there are many recycling bins around the stores and office.
We have 2 people in the
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Feedback is continuous, as we will acknowledge any positives and negatives.
At the end of your training, we hand you an evaluation of our training to you. We ask for your feedback so we can improve our training.
Some questions asked are:
Was the training knowledge received easy to understand?
What did you learn?
Do you have any comments toward the training?
We take in all evaluations and make a better training method that is aimed at making it easy to learn.
Pay Wages and Compensation
Here at Felwick Gifts, we care about your wellbeing whether it is your health, financial or mental. That is why we have an in depth compensation plan for every employee, assistant manager and manager.
All employees receive health insurance that starts with a $500 deductable including vision and dental, paid vacation, 401(k) savings plan, child and elder care referral service, discount on our merchandise. Felwick Gifts are open on all holidays except, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Health insurance and 401(k) savings plan is taken out of your paycheck before taxes. Premiums vary with each health plan. We match your contributions to your 401(k). There is some difference in benefits and compensation plan that vary between salespersons and management along with pay.
Vacation pay starts after one year of service. The longer you stay with Felwick Gifts the more vacation pay you receive; after 2-4 years of service vacation is a week pay,
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