Human Resources and Ron Brown Essay

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Assignment # 2 – Comprehensive Case: “Muffler Magic” Strayer University Human Resource Management Professor Callahan September 5th, 2010 Comprehensive Case: “Muffler Magic” Muffler Magic is a fast growing chain of 25 automobile service centers in Nevada. Originally started 20 years ago as a muffler repair shop by Ronald Brown, the chain expanded rapidly to new locations, and as it did so Muffler Magic also expanded the service it provided, from replacement to oil changes, brake jobs, and engine repair. Today, one can bring an automobile to a Muffler Magic shop for basically any type of service, from tires to mufflers to engine repair. Auto Service is a tough business, The shop owner is basically dependent upon the quality of …show more content…

The HR Recruiter will play a critical role in ensuring they are hiring the best possible talent. The HR Manager and Recruiter will determine the need for a new replacement position. They both will think about how to accomplish the work with adding staff. Try to eliminate work they don’t need to do and improve processes. Next, they will post the position internally and externally. The first interview will be a screening interview where the candidate has the opportunity to learn about the organization and the company needs. The HR Manager and Recruiter will then fill out the job candidate evaluation form for each interviewed. If any of the candidates meet the qualifications and have an clear understanding about their role invite them to a second interview. The second interview will determine who is a superior candidate. After the second interview all new hires will participate in an introductory testing that Magic Muffler will require for the position. Since technology in the workplace changes very rapidly in the work place all employees should take a test. This will determine who is advance enough to go to other positions and will need training. Those who cannot comply or doesn’t meet the satisfactory score will need automatic training and have a supervisor watch over them time to time while working on vehicles. Those three things will help the

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