Human Rights are a Source of Conflict in the World Essay

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In the present day global atmosphere it is understood that human rights are a source of conflict. It is understood that the policy of non- intervention in states causes problems in retrospect to colonialism, and in addition to understanding that human rights are a source of conflict as they impede upon the rights of women and undermine a large proportion of the worlds population causing conflict between genders and in the state itself. In supplementation to this, human rights and state security come to conflict in accordance to recognizing that a government is prioritizing the state over the people and impeding on human rights and security. Human rights shine in the spotlight when it comes to causing conflict on an inclusive and …show more content…

When addressing the ideological perspective of feminism and fitting it into the international orb of human rights it is understandable that violence against women and girls is especially prominent within the world (Lamy 2014, 247). It doesn’t matter whether it is a developing country, or whether it is a first world country. It seems that women and girls encase a different world altogether, some may even argue that this is a fourth world to live in. With staggering levels of women as victims of rape, torture, and sexual slavery the levels of advancement that women have procured in the international global force seems minimal (Dutta 2006, 29). Women serve as targets in war-affected areas due to the sharp increase of domestic violence. In war-affected areas there is also a spike in the number of females trafficked to become forced sex workers or laborers (Dutta 2006, 29). The sad reality behind females procuring the number one position in attracting violence upon them involves the social and cultural symbol that they have procured on a worldwide base; thereby violence against women is founded on the basis

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