What Ways Is The Experiences Of War Gendered?

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Research Essay: In what ways is the experiences of war gendered? Introduction: Gender is an often a contentious term, feminist scholars have introduced this vital term to the language of international relations. Since its inception, gender is most prominent in distinguishing the differences between male and female, however it has articulated different interpretations by both parties in different realms of thought. The duration of this paper will help to explore the different definitions of gender and its associations with the practices of war. This paper will look into how power is used as a gendering tool to exert ones dominance over the other, with a close look at how rape is used as a tactical tool for warfare. As society portrays women as vulnerable, helpless victims, this paper seeks to look into how power can influence women as the perpetrator but also an option for resolution in conflict. This paper will in essence put forth the view that historical experiences of oppression defines women’s vulnerability to the acts of war Feminist do not argue for sympathy or recognition, but rather a softer approach to international conflict to what it already put into place by the dominant masculine hierarchy. Body: Feminist usually see gender as a cultural or political distinction, in contrast to biological and ineradicable sexual differences. Gender divisions are therefore a manifestation of male power. Difference feminist may, nevertheless, believe that gender differences
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