Human Trafficking In Ukraine Essay

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Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. There is of human trafficking in the country. Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Ever since 1991, 160,000 people have been trafficked from Ukraine ( This is a worldwide problem as well. It is devastating that people go through this on a daily basis. Human trafficking in Ukraine is a major problem because women and children are the main victims, government is not taking action to help, and the over reliance on NGOS. First of all, it is heartbreaking that women and children are the main victims of human trafficking. Ukrainian activists say that close to 200,000 children are at risk. …show more content…

According to Newsweek, government claims that they do not have enough money. Yet, the Ukrainian government is not even taking action to raise money. Human trafficking is a big issue and requires a strong law enforcement. Ukraine does not have the sufficient government they need. In addition, government views war as a bigger problem than human trafficking. It is proven that the funds to get rid of human trafficking in Ukraine will be supplied by human rights organizations and foreign government . Yet, by 2020 donators will have donated 1.47 million dollars to help ( This is 92% of the total and the other 8% is contributed from local and central government ( With this in mind, it is clear that the government needs to take more action to prevent human …show more content…

NGO’s stands for non-government organization. They raise awareness and assist victims ( “The money issue is a big problem for our government. When we start talking about trafficking they start to think, ‘oh, that’s not a big problem for our society. We don’t have money we have for war’ ( This quote was said by Tetyana Taturenvynch who is a social programs manager for NGO in Ukraine. This shows that NGO knows about the problem in Ukraine but knows that there is not enough action taking place. Ukraine cannot keep relying NGOS for their source of income. According to, NGOS provided “comprehensive reintegration” assistance to more than 11,600 victims. This provided representation in court, medical care, shelter, vocational training, small-grant programme supporting those trafficking survivors who aspire to set-up their own business and other types of help ( One way NGOS is helping is a 5 year long term plan to end human trafficking( Yet, this would not be for a while, so more action should be taken place to help Ukraine. Ukraine relies on NGOS heavily, and it is clearly a huge problem. Subsequently, human trafficking in Ukraine needs to end and the government has to take more action in stopping it. Human trafficking needs to end because women and children are the main victims. Also, it is unfair that the government isn’t taking action to help and is sitting back and

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