Human 's Problems And Issues

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Human’s problems and issues in this real world are required spectacular potential solutions that is created by design thinkers. Design thinking is the process of examining and defining the world from multiple perspectives using the distinct feature of design thinking. Thus, this leads to develop and create new methods that meet the consumer’s requirements and needs. Steve Jobs is one of the most successful entrepreneur in the world that has provoked various solutions to the customers throughout analysing the critical problems and considering all the opinion of the customers using empathy. This is demonstrated in 2001 when he announced the new Apple device iPod. Therefore, Jobs’ success is based on his ability to initiate empathy which is one of the design thinker’s feature that guided him to have an obvious connection and awareness of consumer’s issues, also evaluate and choose what is the valuable demands. Design thinking is a phenomenon that enables humans to draw, think and explore distinct and challengeable new aspects which obtain people’s desirable necessity and discover what they like and dislike in their lives. Therefore, it is one of the most essential tools that have been used by design tinkers to solve market problems and facilitate all business process. According to Herbert Simon in the Sciences of the Artificial (1969), Design thinking is “transformation of existing conditions into preferred ones” which means it is the capability to learn more about the
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