Humane's Inhumane Treatment To Animal Welfare

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Humane Treatment to Animal Welfare
Humane treatment and animal welfare of factory farms and slaughterhouse animals are a huge problem in our society.The rearing of farm animals today is dominated by industrialized facilities known as confined animal feeding operations. Most farms in the United States treat their animals unfairly in order to make products easier to sell and faster to make more money faster. Weaning the animals off of their food at a young age and starting them on a strict diet including mostly fatty foods, which will help the animal gain weight is common. Another common inhumane treatment in the animal welfare industry is keeping the animals in confinement. In most cases the animals stay in confinement their whole life. The
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Veal cows are often raised in crates where they do not have enough room to groom themselves, move around, or explore and interact naturally. To stop this unfair treatment, some states have banned veal crates, but the cows are most likely still kept completely indoors on slatted flooring with no bedding and fed an inappropriate diet (Animals).
The heifers (young female cows) are usually raised as “replacement heifers” either on the same farm or sold to another dairy farm, where they will eventually take the place of older cows that have come to the end of their productive life (Animals). Unlike veal calves, the heifers calves are commonly raised in pens or hutches for the first few months of life where they have limited space and don’t get to interact with other cows.
In the U.S., dairy cows have been bred to produce even greater quantities of milk and evidence shows this practice has led to reproductive problems and a higher occurrence of disease (Animal). In other words, if an animal is fed hormones to make them produce more milk, then the antibiotics could be what we are consuming when drinking the company's milk. In 1950. The average dairy cow produced almost 5,300 pounds of milk a year. Today, the typical cow produces just under 20,000 pounds
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The “cow-calf” phase is where the farmer manages the cow during breeding. The cows are then weaned off of their food. The second is the “stocker” phase, where the weaned calves are managed for 3–8 months, during this time they will gain an additional 200–400 pounds of weight. The final phase is called the “feedlot” or finishing phase, where the calves are usually kept in very high numbers and fed forage and grain to end up weighing 1,000-1,500 pounds before being slaughtered.
Another animal that is treated unfairly and packed with hormones is birds such as hens, chickens, and turkeys. Inhumane Practices on Factory Farms says, Four or more egg-laying hens are packed into a battery cage, a wire enclosure so small that none can spread her wings (Inhumane). The hens begin to peck at each others bodies and become irritated. Pregnant sows spend each of their pregnancies confined in a metal enclosure that is scarcely too small for the sow (Inhumane). Unable to turn around, the sows develop abnormal behaviors and tend to have leg
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