Humanistic Play Therapy

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The article,” Child-Centered Expressive Arts and Play Therapy: School Groups for At-Risk Adolescent Girls”, by Kristi L. Perryman, Rochelle Moss, and Katt Cochran discusses the use of humanistic play and expressive art therapy combined with group therapy to help at-risk adolescent females overcome life challenging issues in middle school. Using existing research in these specific fields, phenomenological methods, and grounded theory, the authors where able to gather various data (artifacts, transcripts, video recordings, group therapy guided activities) to further explore, valid, and understand the positive effects of this group therapeutic approach. Teenagers typically have a difficulties expressing their personal problems and discussing critical issues which affect their lives; thus, child/person centered art therapy groups can serve as tool and means for individual expression. This stage of development can …show more content…

A group of six at-risk middle school Caucasian female students living in the Midwestern United States, between the ages of 13 and 14 were selected for this study. All of the selected students had very challenging backgrounds and routinely engaged in negative behavior which often resulted in low academic achievement, behavior issues, teacher referrals, tough home environments and poor socialization skills. Also taken into consideration was each students socioeconomic status, parental relationships and ability to maintain friendships with peers. Through teacher referrals and school counselor’s information, students were selected for this therapeutic study. The authors purpose for creating the group was to serve as a therapeutic intervention method which in turn could be used to form an alternative support system of sharing and trust; creating life altering changes for member’s future academic and developmental

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