Humerus Manufacture Case Study

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Proximal humerus fractures comprise 4% to 5% of all fractures seen in emergency departments and represent the most common humerus fracture.1 75% of all proximal humerus fractures occur in pa-tients older than age 60 years.2 It is the second most common upper-extremity fracture and the third most common fracture, after hip fractures and distal radial fractures, in patients who are older than sixty-five years of age.3 The increased incidence in the older population is thought to be related to osteoporosis. The 2:1 female-to-male ratio is likely related to issues of bone density.4
Majority of proximal humeral fractures are either undisplaced or minimally displaced and can be treated with sling immobilization and physical therapy, but approximately
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