Humor, It Is One Of The Most Popular Comedians

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Humor, it is one of the greatest devices used in literature, writing, or even just everyday conversation with close friends and family. Humor has the ability to lighten moods, entertain, or breaking barriers between strangers. When people use humor correctly to entertain, rather than offend a certain group of people, they can attract laughs from anyone, even if they were the center of the joke. Through humor being modernized, transformed, to a variety of different people, with a myriad of tastes, people have specialized in telling these jokes to audiences and have a gotten many different reactions to their jokes. From laughter, to indifference, and even anger, the humorists of today say the things many are afraid to say or even hear. One of the many controversial topics that these humorists bring to light is that of racism, stereotypes, and the struggles between whites and minorities. When done correctly, these jokes and skits can promote an important satirical message about our world and society today. One of the most popular comedians today is Dave Chappelle, an African-American man who grew up in Washington D.C. He is famous for his skits on the Chappelle’s Show, and his standup comedy. Most of his comedy shows the troubles of being African-American in America today in a sarcastic tone. In one of his most famous bits, he portrays a blind African-American who is a white supremacist. Throughout the skit, he continues to use slurs and stereotypes to insult
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