Hunger Is A Shortage Of Food Famine

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Ed Asner once said, “There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time should go hungry”. Hunger can be defined as “a shortage of food; famine” but across the world it has more serious and genuine connotations. Hunger is painful, degrading, and seemingly hopeless for all within its depths. Each hour more than three hundred children die of hunger in third world countries. An epidemic is the “rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something”. The epidemic of hunger is one that costs the world seventy-seven billon dollars in national income lost each year.

Hunger is the result of soaring food prices, unreliable weather conditions, financial crisis, and political unrest. In third world countries over one-third of families are pulling their children out of school so that they can provide for their family and hunger needs. No child should have to sacrifice their education so that their family has access to food. In the world, malnutrition and hunger could be prevented with ten billion dollars per year. The act of supporting those in need would prevent two million deaths and sixty million cases of malnutrition each year.

The third world country of Malawi, located in the southeast portion of Africa is one of the countries requiring the most financial and hunger support. Malawi has the second fastest growing population in the world with a current population of 17,964,697. With a high birth rate, death rate, and woman
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