Hydraulic Fracturing : Natural Gas

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Hydraulic Fracturing
Natural gas is a keystone of United States economy, it providing the United States a quarter of the country’s total energy; Outstanding to the many advances in technology. Production from shale formations has gone from a small amount just a few years ago to being almost thirty percent of total United States natural gas manufacture. This has gotten lower prices, domestic jobs due to the possible of extensive production growth. Although the growth has also brought many difficult questions about both current and future making can be done in a naturally way that meets the needs of the public trust.
Hydraulic fracturing is a gas and oil, which involves a process that involves injecting sand, water, and many other chemicals …show more content…

These wells are drilled to a depth of 10,000 to 12,000 feet. Many argue that this water is taken out of the hydrologic cycle because it doesn’t evaporate back into the atmosphere.
In a political perspective is very uncertain many are against this because the facts surrounding chemical use are clear water and sand comprises and majority of the mixture used. United States environmentalist and civic community groups are seeking specific chemical disclosure and supporting lawsuits of potential drinking water contamination. Many other questions are being raised about the use and reuse and disposal of water in the process of fracturing. The EPA had already concluded a study explaining that hydraulic fracturing environmental risks in 2004.If hydraulic fracturing environmental risks existed, they would occur in the shallow fields. The federal government has been really reluctant to enact some environmental regulation to the expanding industry to expand. As natural gas prices rise and the use to use a different source for oil has spread; it has become a very large export for the United States (Mandel, 2010).
From an ethical point of view we have to look at both the harms and benefits that we can obtain from hydraulic fracturing. We have to view the dangers of fracking; which can mean contaminating our water supply. But on the other hand there are huge benefits,

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