Hydro-Electric Dams Are an Environmental Disaster Essay

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Almost, everything runs with electricity, dams are what produce most of this electricity. Hydro-electric dams are very essential nowadays as they massively supply electricity to the world. Some people believe that hydro-electric dams are not environmentally friendly, hydro-electricity is produced by water. Canada is ranked second in the production of hydro-electricity (Hydroelectricity Energy), the hydro-electric dams produce 59% of Canada's energy (Trading Economies).There are over 933 large hydro-electricity dams in Canada. Quebec consists of most of these dams where they have around 333 large hydro-electric dams (Water-How we use it). A hydro-electric dam pulls water from rivers close by decreasing water levels which increases the risk …show more content…

Canada relies highly on hydroelectricity as it is there major electricity producer, they should not rely on these dams because they will start increasing extinction rate for fish species. Most of Canada's fish population may become extinct if they continue the use of these dams non-environmental dams. Furthermore, hydro-electric dams are not an environmentally responsible source of generating energy because when they are built, a vast swath of land must be used, resulting in displacement of local people. The amount of land needed to build a dam is large which will displace many people. When the Three Gorges Dam project was approved, it forced over 1.4 million people to relocate (Business Insider). The Three Gorges Dam needed to be a large dam because of the growing energy needs in China. This would require vast areas of land and so the amount of people relocating increased due to the dam because of the flooding a dam can cause (Business Insider). In addition, many people will have to relocate due to the vast amount needed to create a dam. The Manwan dam project caused over 3,000 local people to leave their homes (Hori, 206,207). The dam had to have large dimensions for it to produce a large amount of electricity. The dimensions of the dam were too big, resulting in relocation. The people relocated due to the high waters it has stored and the flooding it can cause (Hori, 206-207). Thus, building hydro-electric dams will displace large amounts of people from their

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