Hydrosalpinx Research Paper

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A hydrosalpinx is a blocked fallopian tube that is filled with fluid due to injury or infection. Also referred to as distal tubal occlusion. Injury to the end of the fallopian tube causes the end of the tube to close. Glands within the tube produce a watery fluid that collects within the tube, producing a sausage shaped swelling that is characteristic of hydrosalpinx. making it impossible for them to function. If both tubes are distended, they are called hydrosalpinges. Hydrosalpinx is a result of injury to the tube, usually from an infection, the most common cause is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and other causes of distal tubal occlusion include adhesion formation from surgery, endometriosis, tubal ligation, and tubal malignancy. Frequently,
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