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Hypertension is word that is used to describe high blood pressure .Blood pressure is the force the blood produces against the arterial wall as your heart pumps. The heart pumps the blood though the artery as it flows it pushes the blood against the walls of the arteries creating pressure. The higher the pressure is against the wall the higher the blood pressure will be. The pressure is related to the size of the artery which the blood passes through the smaller the artery is the higher the pressure will be. The pressure is measured in milliliters of mercury Blood pressure is at the highest when the heart contracts or pumps the blood through the arteries this measurement is called the Systolic pressure. The blood pressure is at the lowest…show more content…
His general appearance is he is mildly over weight middle-aged Hispanic male his exam reviles no other findings. After interviewing Mr. Garcia learning that he has been married for eighteen years and has been employed for the at the same company for ten years this will allow me to believe that he should have "well- developed sense of control ,and is confident in his abilities'"(Redman p331). Mr. Garcia also obtained an associate's degree in business using this information will help me come up with a plan of care know the patient is able to understand the written information that might be provided. Mr. Garcia and I agreed on a learning plan together."The teaching plan provides the overall blueprint or outline for instructions that Cleary defines the relationship among the behavioral, objectives, instructional content, teaching strategies , time frame for teaching , and methods of evaluation"( Redman p335).We spoke about that there is no cure for hypertension and that it can be controlled with the appropriate treatment. Mr. Garcia states that he prefers written material rather than verbal information we agreed that everything that we talk will also include written material. The plan explained that many things will increase his blood pressure such as physical activity can raise it temporarily stressful situations will increase blood pressure Mr. Garcia is employed at a high pressure position the plan included the use of Complementary and
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