I Am A Part Of Her Life

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Many moments have led up to this, this anger built up inside me finally just bursts out for a breath of fresh air. Except instead bursting out for a breath of air… it burst upon someone that I love and always have loved. Sometimes I lose sight of that, that I do love her. I get off track and get overwhelmed with my life and just take it out on someone that is sometimes taken for granted, my mom. Every teenager does at some point though, right? She struggles more than most moms. She tries I know she tries, but just like I get overwhelmed with so many things going on in my life she gets overwhelmed with hers. I understand i’m a part of her life. However, I don 't understand why she acts like I 'm not. I wish I could reach out to her, find…show more content…
Everything from late night drive-thru dinners to jam sessions on Friday afternoons. However, this weekend drive seemed to have a different vibe. I was talking to my dad about some of my moms bad habits and my little sister Caroline was sitting in the back seat. She’s eleven and sometimes I underestimate her. I figured since she 's eleven she wouldn 't understand half the things I was speaking to my dad about. She had her earbuds in both her right and left ears, so I figured she wouldn 't hear anyway. I wasn’t that worried that she would tell mom about what I was saying, even though I should 've been. She 's not the one to trust when it comes to keeping secrets. She’s got a little bit of that nasty urge for drama. Somehow over the loud music blaring into her ears she still overheard me and my dads conversation about mom. That night was my cousin Hannah’s homecoming, she was the sophomore maid at Tri County Academy. I had been checked out of school around noon that day so I could make it to go watch her. Hannah also lives in my moms hometown. After we had made it to Bentonia, Mississippi, where my mom lives, my dad took me to my grandmothers house. My mom was supposed to be at Hannah’s homecoming but she wasn 't home in time to make it, so my grandmother took me there. Hannah was wearing a ruby red dress with her blonde hair elegantly tied back in curls. She looked so beautiful I hate that my mom wasn 't there to see her. Since I hadn 't seen my
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