I Am A Student In The Master Of Divinity Program At Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary,

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I am a student in the Master of Divinity program at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, anticipating graduation in May 2017. The Master of Divinity program has broadened my whole understanding of the Church and God, and has established a desire to further explore theology in the academy. Therefore, I am applying to the Master of Theological Studies program, with a desire to focus on Theology and Ethics. I am seeking admission into this program to further my growth as a scholar and researcher of theology in the context of western media.
Studying theology and social ethics at Garett-Evangelical has broadened my understanding of ethics relative to theology. The most important thing that I have learned is how to think critically while …show more content…

This further developed my interest in critically reflecting on these films while engaging theology and moral ethics. Since I come from a traditional culture myself where the films are reflective of the Pakistani culture, depicting values, norms, religious and societal rituals, use of poetry, friendship, love, and community, I became more interested in learning what makes the American film industry so influential even to the people in the seminary and how it spoke to the theologians.
Since languages are different throughout the world, but not the literature, this made me dig deeper into learning how ethics shapes the literature of the films that are opaquely theological in nature. Perceptions about values can be different based on the differences of cultures, and the styles of writing can be different, but I am interested in learning why and how the cinema at large impacts its viewers differently, asking the question “Does film reflect a convenient archetype for novel community situations – a sort of “default ethical behavior” that the community follows but adapts as necessary for new situations?”
Having spent four years at Garrett- Evangelical, I have been introduced to different kinds of theologies. My theological education has broadened my whole concept about understanding theology. It has resonated with me at different times for

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