I Am A U.s. Born Citizen

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I, Noran Nazir, am a U.S. born citizen, my date of birth is August 25, 2004, and I am currently attending Academy 1 Middle School, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. I am the third child out of the four siblings in my family. My parents are Qaiser Toqeer and Sadia Yousaf, they are the greatest, most loving, most amazing parents a child could possibly have. They love and care for us as no parents could have cared for their children. Words simply cannot express how wonderful my parents are towards me and how much they care for me. They provide us with everything we possibly need and support us in every possible way and they care for every little thing.

Concerning my education, throughout my school years, I have been a complete honors
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I definitely salute my mom and I pray that every person is fortunate enough to have a mother that cares for them as mine does.

Throughout my life, I remember times of my mother’s endless struggle for her children. I recall a memory of when I was in third grade and my mother came to pick me up. It was snowing and extremely cold outside and the floor was completely covered in ice. She came directly ten minutes after dismissal with my baby brother. Both of their faces were as red as blood and numb, they were freezing. After my mother kissed and caressed me, we began walking our long way home. That 's when I asked her “Why don’t you drive Mommy? It is getting really dark, and the floor is covered in ice. We could slip and there is nobody else outside.” Then she looked at me, straight into my eyes and gently placed her hand on my face and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you get cold”. But I replied right away, “That’s not the answer, why don’t you drive, all of my friend’s mommies do it.” She would chuckle a little to herself, then she would say “ Pray to God and it will come true"

Another time I remember of the incredible actions of my mother is the time of when I truly realized how much my mother has and was ready to endure for her children’s, our education and a bright future. One morning my mother woke me up for school when I was in fifth grade. I
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