I Am A Visual Learner

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I’m a visual learner. I need to view what I need to do before I do it. I want an example of what I’m supposed to be in charge of before I do it. I want to physically see what to make before I even try it. Viewing a person make something that I’m trying to make helps me. I also learn by doing physical things. I enjoy to talk with my hand gestures and I also am active. I enjoy doing physical activities that help my concentration. I also do have difficulty sitting still. Moving around helps. Taking breaks also helps my concentration. If I take a break, it gives my brain time to refresh and stress less. Alaina’s not totally creative I usually use something that I have done or that another person has done. I’m also not a great drawer and I don’t enjoy drawing. It’s not a hobby and it’s not too great to me.I enjoy to go outdoors and play sports and that helps Alaina learn. I play outside with friends whenever I can, I play soccer, basketball, gymnastics or any sort of sports as much as I possibly can. I need to move around which is probably not that good for the teachers, but it helps my learning so I try to move whenever I can.

I’m Blue and don’t change often and I 'm typical. I never branch out of my comfort zone, I also do that same Alaina stuff. Doing stuff that I don’t do scares Alaina so I just don’t do it, but I wish that I would do stuff that I don’t do. If I could do what I don’t do maybe the teachers wouldn’t give Alaina the same grades all the time! But if I could do

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