I Am An Everett Is Not An Everest

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I am an Everett, not an Everest. Everett means brave, hearty and strong and is my family name. Everest is named after the highest peak known to humanity. You could say my family is ascending the mountain of success, to accomplish our own personal goals.
Everyone interprets success slightly differently than to everyone else. For example, I asked my Nanny what her definition of success looks like, her response was “Success is achieving something that you go all out in. Something you want for your future.”. I asked my Grandad the same question and he responded with “success can be your own personal goals in business or function of your family.”.

When Barry was very young his father Edward was summoned to fight in world war two. Unfortunately, like many other men, he never returned home. This was a mountainous trial for my granddad. He had an immense amount of responsibility, to help his mum manage their grocery store in Greytown. By age 10 he was sent to boarding school while attending he received a letter from his Dad (who was training for the war In Egypt.).
A snippet of the letter he received reads: The 29th of August 1943. A few mates and I walked to explore the pyramids. As we were walking we found a cave in the centre of the pyramid. Climbed to the top of same, 450 feet high, the same distance along each side. The stones are solid weighing up to several tons each. We could not figure out how the stone got up to the top. From the top of the pyramid, there is an incredible view of Delta and the canals.
Edward faced mountains of doubt, fear, and loneliness during world war two. He felt great forlorn by seeing many of his friends become casualties. He sacrificed being with his family for our freedom. Edward conquered his fears and bravely fought in face of daily danger. His personal success was gaining privilege for our country and my family. He left a legacy for my grandfather through bravery and selfless deeds.
My Grandfathers bequest inspires me to grab hold of the precious hours that I have and make my life count. His life motivates me to leave a mark on this world for the better. His legacy has helped shaped my decision to become a missionary nurse.
Unfortunately, Edwards mountain of bravery took his

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