I Am Becoming A Teacher

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I am interested to become a teacher because I spend 30 years of my life in the Italian schools working as head of administration. While I worked with young people for various projects in the school in which I was working at moment, I understood that my main purpose was to help people to learn and to achieve their own goal. Even if my job in Italian schools (primary, secondary and college) was not exactly as teacher, I was able to work with students in order to plan projects and to help them achieving their goals. My 30 years job in Italian schools allowed me to do a practical work experience, becoming confident with young people 's needs and wishes (I worked in primary and secondary schools, and in 6 form colleges). In 2005 I moved from Italy to England and therefore, I felt the need to improve my English. For this reason, I started new courses of studies in order to learn English as first language. At the first time I attended the Bede Centre College (for three years) and subsequently, I started my courses at Sunderland University, enjoying English and English literature (3 years BA (hons) course in English, whose final result was 2/1 with honour (ending in July 2012). In addition, in September 2012 I started a MA in English (15 months, achieving my Master degree in English and science). Even if I was an old women, I studied full-time with younger people trying to give the best of my passed experience. I did it because my main purpose was to achieve new skills in order
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