I Am Interested At The University Of Florida

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1. Here at the University of Florida I am majoring in Economics. This field interests me because I have always had an analytical mind which is needed in the economic field. A main component of the field is to be able to problem solve as well as to use analytical skills in order to make decisions. This aspect has always interested me because I find myself able to think clearly when analyzing and interpreting data. Though, I enjoy challenging myself which occurs often in the process of problem solving. I also am interested in the field due to the many job opportunities that the major presents because I value having options. There are a variety of jobs ranging from corporate to small business and even government based where titles include analyst, consultant, economist and research assistant.
2. Five years from now in my professional future I will just be beginning my career in the business field hopefully with an economic specialty. I hope to be starting a job where I can begin to obtain credibility through my work ethic and interpersonal skills. Through this job I hope to achieve upward mobility in the company I am working for and not be threatened by a glass ceiling. The company I see myself working for is the Central Intelligence Agency as an economic analyst. Yet, I always have a backup plan, so in five years I could also ideally see myself working for Boeing as an economic analyst sales support.

3. Before I graduate I need to gain a substantial amount of experience to
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