I Am a Perfect Candidate for the MBA Program at MSU

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One of the proudest accomplishments of my life was earning my Master’s degree in International Business from India. As soon as I completed my Master’s I got the golden opportunity to work in one of India’s largest asset management company, Reliance Capital Asset Management Pvt. Ltd. in the year of 2010. I joined Reliance as a management trainee and was really excited for my new job. It was a perfect opportunity for me to prove myself and make my parents proud. That proud moment arrived really soon as I was promoted to the position of assistant manager in the first 9 months of my service. In my new role, I successfully undertook new challenges and responsibilities. Talking about new challenges it reminds me of one challenging issue that I had to resolve. I served as an assistant manager for sales and distribution of mutual fund products. During the period of my service our sales team was facing lot of problems in giving appropriate information about our mutual fund products to our distributors and customers. In order to solve this issue I designed a sales & distribution guide book for my sales team which contained all the required information regarding our entire range of mutual fund products and schemes. This guide was like bible for our sales representatives and could be carried wherever they go and can be referred to whenever required. This guide led to a significant growth in sales numbers.
Again looking at my hard work and dedication I was further promoted to the

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