I Chose Effective Leadership And Management

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I chose Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing to read for my interpersonal project. As a pre-nursing student, this book helped me to understand concepts we learned in class and how they apply more specifically to my major. A section I found applied most to me both as a student and a future nurse is titled “Stress and Time Management”.
In the chapter titled “Stress and Time Management”, authors Sullivan and Decker delve into an issue which is a key concept for nurses; those who are both working and those are still studying to be nurses in school. Some may believe that stress is just an inconvenience, or something to get rid of. However, this is untrue. Stress is usually caused by poor management skills. To become a leader in the nursing field, these are skills that are vital to master. Stress is also a vital and lasting part of our lives, helping to motivate us toward our goals; it itself is unavoidable, yet with the right skills, we can learn how to handle it as well as minimize it in our lives. There are several ways we can learn to handle stress in our day to day lives. These ways include setting priorities, exercising self discipline, as well as other more concrete ways that include organizational methods and time analysis. Improving time management skills as well as implementing consistent habits to help keep organized, stress can become an effective tool in our endeavors to reach our goals as nurses, both in the workplace and outside.

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