I Dream Of You. Enrika Greathouse. University Of The People.

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I Dream of You

Enrika Greathouse

University of the People

My confirmed profile is ENFP. Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perceiving. Fittingly, I am known as a “Champion”. The one who is willing to go to bat cheer, encourage and dream lofty dreams for others. I love to make all people feel comfortable in my presence. I tend to the needs of people so much, that often times it is to the demise or neglect of other practical matters in my life.

ENFPs are all around. According to, ENFPs are one of the more dominant personality types within society and is thought to make up around 7% of the world 's population. ("ENFP Personality (“The Campaigner”) | 16Personalities")

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I love working with ideas and concepts and the challenge of making my current processes better. And although I like creating strategic plans and innovative ways to study, and “hack” my study methods, I too often fail to implement and fully follow through with my plans. My values and idealistic internal view of myself, causes me to constantly seek out the next, the new, the improved. Because I am perceiving. I love’s to have many options. In fact, while others might be obtaining a degree to fulfill and actualize a concrete plan to secure a certain job, I, on the other hand, am obtaining my degree solely for the purpose of providing more options for myself in the future. I feel suffocated when I am stagnant and not growing or if I am stuck in one career, life circumstance or task.

My Direct Opposite

ISTJ: also know as the inspector, are very complimentary in my life. ISTJs like structure, organization, and details. Their ability to focus works well balances out my innate traits. However, in order work successfully with this personality type (or any other TJs for that matter), I must respect, appreciate and admonish the unique quantities that they bring to the table. In my experience with ISTJ as clients, I find that being honest about my shortcomings has led to the ISTJ having mercy and patience with me whereas otherwise, they may have grown relatively short with my inability to focus and follow through.

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